1177 Louisiana Ave Suite 113,  Winter Park, FL 32789    Phone: (407) 629-4466
J. Roderick Hundley, M.D. P.A.

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Dr. Hundley is a board certified psychiatrist with a private 
practice of psychiatry in Winter Park, Florida.  He utilizes both 
psychotherapy and, when necessary, psychopharmacology
in his practice.  Dr. Hundley has extensive experience in the 
evaluation and treatment of depression, anxiety and adult 
attention deficit/hyperactivity and has a special interest in 
psychodynamic issues that lead to problems with relationships, 
self-esteem, self-confidence, difficulty in making healthy choices 
and other psychological problems.

He believes that a safe and private environment is necessary in order to achieve a successful evaluation and treatment.  Dr. Hundley maintains strict confidentiality in his work and at his office.

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